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March 19, 2023  3 Tips to Shop Used Clothes Like a Pro

When you shop used clothes like a pro, you walk out of stores with the best secondhand gems for your closet.

And with enough practice, you can walk confidently into a fashion resale store like Crossroads and quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. We even have 3 tips that will take you to pro status!

1. Have a Plan

Before you shop for any clothes, take a look at what you currently have in your closet. Look for outfit gaps that you want to fill, like a black leather jacket, metallic sandals, or a dress for upcoming summer weddings. Make a note on your phone of what you’re looking for so you’ll have it handy when you stumble upon a used clothing store. It will keep you focused as you shop.

(BTW – If you find pieces you no longer love while checking your closet, pull them off the hanger or out of the drawer. Consider bringing them to Crossroads to sell for cash or store credit).

2. Check Behind the Register

Secondhand clothing stores typically keep their most coveted pieces at the register, either in cases or on shelves behind the register. This is where we know we can find some of the best pieces in the store, often designer or vintage.

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3. Skim for High-Quality Fabrics

With racks and racks of clothes in front of you, it can feel a little overwhelming. We like to skim for high-quality fabrics like silk and wool. These are the pieces we know will stand the test of time in our closets and will uplevel our closet for the seasons ahead.

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Give it a try! Shop used clothes with us and you’ll always find something that’s “new to you.” Don’t forget you can also sell your pre-loved clothes to us for cash or store credit.